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  • Transit-Warehousing

Warehouse faces increasingly dynamic environments as remote global events in the supply chain become more relevant to local businesses. Key warehouse challenges such as redundant processes, poor facility layout, seasonality in demand, high labor costs, and inaccurate inventory information require robust systems that keep managers informed about changes and gaps that need attention.

The desirable approach when dealing with the challenges that arise due to new economic developments is to use inexpensive solutions that offer sustainable best practices. Warehouse managers should monitor and track changes in the business environment and adopt responsive solutions.

VisionTree implements Transit Warehousing functionality through SAP Extended Warehouse Management ( SAP EWM) Services, which overs following the key process:

  • Receive cargo from the shipper
  • Ship cargo to transit warehouse or consignee
  • Receive cargo from transit warehouse
  • Load cargo onto a unit load device (ULD), ready for air freight
  • Ship the ULD to the airport
  • Receive and unload cargo from a ULD
  • Load cargo into a shipping container, ready for ocean freight
  • Ship the shipping container to the seaport
  • Receive and unload cargo from a shipping container

Some of the key differences vis-à-vis standard warehousing are:


In summary,  Transit warehousing solves some of the Major problems associated exceptions while enterprise customers are participating in the Global Business:

  • Receive unexpected package or HU
  • Receive damaged package or HU
  • Missing package or HU
  • Perform floor check and process found HUs
  • Perform floor check for lost HUs
  • Load fewer HUs than planned by SAP TM

Engage VisionTree today in order to leverage the SAP EWM functionality to meet high-performance requirements during the receiving, put away, staging and loading of packages within the transit warehouse and reduce cost by optimizing freight forwarding processes from planning to execution.

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