Transformation Value for the Enterprise

  Transformation Value for the Enterprise
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We all know that the best way to judge the health of a newborn baby is to understand their breathing patterns. Even when we notice the smallest irregularity, we continue to be concerned until they become normal again. Once they become teenagers, we start discovering their passions and accordingly help them define their priorities, so they can effectively contribute to society one day. As an adult, they begin working on areas of improvement to become recognized and valuable to the corporate world, and their future professional growth becomes more predictable.

Enterprises are not any different. Enterprises are born with a purpose to serve their communities. The world has plenty of examples where enterprises without goals do not attract quality customers, trusted employees, purpose-driven partners or niche suppliers and as a result, they struggle to remain competitive or even achieve sustainable growth.

With the Industry 4.0 revolution, every enterprise is being forced to transform their processes and automate them to become real-time. Enterprises are in a race to adopt best-of-breed technologies and platforms in order to build a faster digital presence so they can personalize their customer’s journey and sell their products and services ahead of the competition.

When an engaged customer starts sharing their expectations of a product or service offered; enterprises go back to drawing board to match those customer expectations with more technology consumption and integrations. Some of the enterprises don’t even mind tweaking their core product and service offering with the belief that they are adding more value than the competition. However, the outcome has no impact on their customer’s purchase decision, just more overhead and less investment available to drive purpose-driven innovation which can attract more customers.

Transformation Value for the Enterprise | VisionTree Ventures

Enterprises must carry out their cloud transition by addressing strategic priorities of their industry, improve processes by lines of business or define new engagement model to the extent their technology integration is ready today to earn the trust of their customers.

In a Nutshell, Enterprises must breathe the purpose first before Process Conversion, Process Transformation or Process Automation as it is the only conduit across ecosystem which will help processes to be real-time and predictive to deliver real transformation value to your customers for long years ahead.

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