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  • SAP-To-SAP-Integrations

Every Line of Business is expecting personalized digital experience with minimal disruptions to its business systems across multiple devices and deployment options with mobile, web, and conversational user interfaces to access relevant business content on a real-time basis.

In reality,  current system landscape doesn’t deliver real-time insights with SAP ECC as the backbone,  SAP or Non-SAP as middleware; besides SAP or Non- SAP as the Presentation layer which is not talking to each other due to the legacy environment or on-premise versus hybrid or cloud environment.

SAP-Cloud-Platform-Framework | VisionTree Ventures

With the open business platform, Every LoB can innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility, flexibility, and choice.  They can also build a multi-cloud foundation to leverage the latest cloud-native technologies and benefit from major hyper-scale infrastructures.

VisionTree can help to build a unified platform to create intelligent, mobile-ready applications to better serve customers, modernize business processes and compete effectively.

VisionTree provides Cloud platform integration for SAP-To-SAP,  SAP-to-Salesforce, Any ERP -to -Any SCM – to – Any CRM integrations; in addition to creating an environment for you to build your native cloud application tailor-made to your business need.

VisionTree looks at improving Process experience through Process PaaS environment as well as Technology experience through Technology PaaS environment through Cloud Foundry and serverless, while at the same time abstracting the complexity of these technologies from your developers and end users.

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More than 22 years of Professional Experience contributing to Enterprise Customers across 18 Countries in the position as Sales Director, Consulting Director, Management Consultant, CIO Advisory, Risk Management Expert & Strategic Investor.