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Warehouse Experience

Seamless integration of warehouse logistics, multi – channel order taking, as well as contract logistics, Shorter lead times and missing consolidation opportunities and flexible replenishment besides Complex warehousing processes with high degree of variations and High ratio of customer and store returns are some of the imperative challenges associated to drive effective Warehouse operational activities. VisionTree addresses these challenges through SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) Services.

Process Improvement

Inbound Processing



Both shippers and logistics service providers must streamline material flow by tightening warehouse and distribution center operations through efficient inbound delivery function.

VisionTree implements SAP EWM Inbound processing solution which enables transportation unit processing, goods receipt management & optimization, inbound quality management, and internal routing.

VisionTree solution constitutes logistics execution driven by an inbound delivery request for receiving goods from a vendor. It combines all tasks concerning the inbound delivery process (preparation and triggering of execution), and enables communication with the vendor and invoicing.

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Process Improvement

Storage & Operations



Every shipper would like to optimize all the activities that help manage goods in inventory and move them within the warehouse efficiently.  VisionTree implements SAP EWM solution for Storage and Operation to improve physical inventory, slotting, replenishment, and rearrangement, Kit-to-stock management.

SAP EWM solution by VisionTree covers the maintenance of logistics area master data along with storage methods, as well as placement and retrieval rules for inventory. It addresses storage methods such as storage bins, warehouse, warehouse area, warehouse door, warehouse staging area, warehouse sub area, warehouse workstation and yard checkpoint.

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Process Improvement

Outbound Processing


Service Levels

Every enterprise would like to consistently organize and monitor outbound goods movement triggered by processes for procurement, shipping, production supply and receipt, quality management, transportation management, and foreign trade compliance.

VisionTree implements SAP EWM for Outbound processing solution for better outbound planning including route, wave management, goods issue, and pallet planning, Picking optimization, packing, staging, and load management.

VisionTree solution constitutes logistics execution driven by an outbound delivery request for shipping goods to a product recipient. It combines all tasks concerning the outbound delivery process (preparation and triggering of execution), and enables communication with the product recipient and invoicing.

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Process Improvement

Transit Warehousing


Warehouse Cost

Shippers are inclined to use Transit warehouses ( Cross-docking) in recent years to manage the cargo based on the handling units (HUs) and not by the quantity of the product to reduce overall warehouse cost. In the new era, shippers represented by the customers and so as cargo received by customers, not by vendors.

SAP EWM solution by VisionTree helps you manage the disposition of transit goods to store them optimally and make sure they are not subject to picking for other orders.

SAP EWM solution by VisionTree also covers some of the advanced features such as  Analytics, labor management, import/export and compliance, RFID integration, best practice guide, migration tools. warehouse billing, quality management integration, production staging and consumption, MES integration, warehouse optimization, dangerous goods, batch, and serial number management.

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Solution Framework

Transformation Experts

Optimization Expert

VisionTree deploys SAP EWM 9.5 expert to optimizes and automates all the warehouse operations including goods receipt, storage, packaging, and shipping, thereby contributing effectively to your corporate bottom line.

Quality Expert

VisionTree deploys SAP EWM expert with 1709 release experience for SAP QM integration to support quality management processes in the warehouse – for example, for goods inspection, sampling and usage decisions.

Labor Management Expert

VisionTree deploys expert to set up labor structures and standards to support advanced labor tracking (based on shift data, teams, travel distances, labor standards, time and attendance, reported activities) including personal and fatigue factors in the warehouse.

Embedded Expert

VisionTree deploys expert to configure SAP EWM embedded inside SAP S/4 HANA suite which drastically simplifies the IT landscape and reduces the total cost of ownership due to eliminates data replication for Business Partner data, Material Master Data or Batch Master Data as it exists within SAP S/4HANA itself.

Outbound Expert

VisionTree deploys SAP EWM 9.5 to integrate with SAP TM to send goods of several outbound delivery documents with the same transport based on SAP ERP sales orders or planned freight order to automatically create vehicles or transportation units (TUs), as well as planned shipping and receiving activities.

Cross-Docking Expert

VisionTree deploys SAP EWM 9.5  expert to configure planned cross-docking using a standard goods receipt process and opportunistic cross-docking once the system determines the cross-docking relevance after the goods have physically arrived in the warehouse to minimize unnecessary load transfer activities in the warehouse.

Transformation Value


Warehouse Cost


Order Cycle Times


Error rates  & Increase Inventory Accuracy


High Volume Transactions


Visibility in Stocks & Labor


Compliance for International Trade

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