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Supply Chain Planning Experience | VisionTree Ventures

Supply Chain Planning Experience

Fulfill future demand profitably with real-time supply chain management are the common goals across Process and Discrete Manufacturing organizations. Get full demand transparency with short-term, mid-term, and long-term forecasting besides Establish optimal inventory targets that enable you to maximize profits are mission critical improvement areas of Supply chain. VisionTree addresses such priorities with SAP IBP Services.

Process Improvements

Sales & Operation Planning

End-To-End | VisionTree Ventures


Supply Chain Visibility

The ability to simulate various supply chain planning scenarios across business functions like sales, marketing, finance, and operations enables more accurate sales and operations planning while reducing costs and increasing inventory efficiency.

VisionTree implements SAP IBP for Sales and Operation to drive real-time planning using a unified model of demand, supply, and financial data; analyze massive volumes of complex data instantly. The solution also rapidly run simulations of demand, supply, and financial changes to support what-if analysis; compare planning scenarios for fast, informed decisions besides driving social collaboration for rapid planning.

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Demand Planning

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Demand Plans

Every enterprise is seeking functionality whereby weekly or even daily fluctuations in demand plans can be measured and accordingly keep the customer informed for greater customer service by location.

VisionTree implements SAP IBP solution for demand for short-term, mid-term and long-term forecasting accuracy via more accurate statistical forecasts and reacting faster to short-term demand changes with algorithms based on pattern recognition through demand sensing features.

As a differentiator, it takes into considerations, all secondary inputs, that plays a major role in the Forecast Vs. Sales deviation, within the short term planning horizon.

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Inventory Optimization

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Supply Chain Risk

Supply chain risk is one of the major challenges that enterprise deal with every day in the global environment with economic uncertainty, escalating customer expectations, demand volatility, and supply variability.

VisionTree implements SAP IBP for Inventory to achieve multi-stage optimization and modeling for variability simultaneously provide inventory targets that not only meet or exceed customer service levels but also reduce working capital for inventory carrying cost by right-sizing the safety stock held in the supply chain. It additionally helps improve productivity for inventory planner by automating planning process.

Inventory optimization at the item-location-time period level of granularity drives more effective supply planning by reducing the number and severity of changes needed in execution relative to planning.

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Response & Supply Planning

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Supply Chain Planning

Identify root cause, and actionable correction in the face of demand changes or supply disruptions is the necessity to prepare supply and fulfillment plans by every enterprise for higher customer loyalty.

VisionTree implements SAP IBP for response & supply solution covering Strategic, Tactical and Operational planning scenarios across time horizons. The solution delivers planning and simulation, what-if analysis, Pegging, and Gating-factor analysis to manage allocations and response for optimal customer service across prioritized demand streams.

The solution also delivers unconstrained and constrained planning with profit optimization combining operational and financial planning.

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Solution Framework

Transformation Experts

Unified Planning Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys supply chain planning expert to configure single unified data model across Demand, Finance and Supply Chain line of businesses to support both tactical and operational planning at any level of granularity & dimension , Flexible process modeling in addition to creation of Planning, Analytics & Collaboration environment for Sales & Operation Planning.

Simulation Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys simulation experts that configures consensus demand planning, Rough-cut capacity planning, Volume & revenue modeling in order to derive alternative what-if scenarios for rapid decision-making across multiple key figures, dimensions to address constraints at both detailed and aggregate level, R/T aggregation & disaggregation level.

Data Integration Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys integration experts to configure automated data loads from multiple source systems such as SAP ERP, CRM, BPC, BW, APO-DP, SNP or even excels into configurable target data model with extensibility, flexible source-to-target integration templates using SAP Data Services whereby data export back to Source systems as well.

Multi-tier Optimization Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys optimization expert who configures unified data model for multiple inventory sources of uncertainty i.e. demand, forecast or supply ; while considering cost at each stage insures results are fully considered during Supply planning, S&OP, and Control Tower operations.

Demand Sensing Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys expert to configure engine that reacts faster for short-term demand changes with pattern-recognition-based algorithms in addition to develop more accurate mid-term statistical forecast. As a result, it passes on integrated demand sensing to supply chain planning process.

Response Intelligence Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys expert to configure supply chain model that simulates plans for production, distribution, and procurement to meet customer needs in a constrained or unconstrained mode in addition to What-If analysis to provide visibility into potential scenarios for response & supply.

Transformation Value

Reduction Planning Cycle | VisionTree Ventures


Reduction in Planning Cycle

Source for S&OP Data | VisionTree Ventures


Source for S&OP Data

Demand Transparency | VisionTree Ventures

20% to 30%

Increase in Demand Transparency

Delivery Performance | VisionTree Ventures

20% to 30%

Improvement in On-Time Delivery Performance

Supply Chain Cost | VisionTree Ventures

10% to 20%

Reduction in Supply Chain Cost

Inventory Target | VisionTree Ventures


Inventory Target-Setting Cycles per Tier

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