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Procurement Experience

Chief Procurement Officers are focused on improvement areas such as streamlining procurement processes, reduce supplier risk, gain greater visibility on their spend activities and control the cost. In the Globalization arena, it is not possible to achieve such an objective with a limited supplier; it required a massive network to be available to provide suitable options at any time to achieve all objectives together. VisionTree delivers such priorities with SAP Ariba solution as under:

Process Improvement

Supplier Management


Supplier Experience

In the rapidly evolving digital economy, your enterprise understands the importance of reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of supplier information and its direct implication on spend, performance, and risk for your business.

VisionTree in joint partnership with SAP Ariba helps to remove bottlenecks such as inconsistent supplier onboarding, qualification, supplier persona-based segmentation, out-of-date vendor master to provide you with a single, accurate supplier record for better decision making.

SAP Ariba solution drives spend to preferred suppliers and scale compliance for your entire supply base by managing the entire supplier life cycle from onboarding to phase out.

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Process Improvement

Strategic Sourcing


Supplier Engagement

Striking a balance between cutting costs and keeping up with revenue and demand leads to the importance of strategic sourcing for procurement officers of your enterprise.  Additionally, spend data saved in disparate purchasing and payables systems, making it difficult to build effective sourcing strategies and identify savings opportunities.

VisionTree in joint partnership with SAP Ariba can implement strategic sourcing portfolio solutions with features such as Commodity classifications, Peer benchmarking, Saving Pipeline and tracking, Contract management and Supplier discovery solutions by Industry, by geography and by the size.

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Process Improvement

Buying Cycles


Smart Decisions

Your enterprise must reduce buying cycles and lower processing cost to accelerate the procurement decisions. VisionTree in joint partnership with SAP Ariba can help you to turn your cost centers into new money makers with the guided buying experience.

VisionTree offers a comprehensive solution for procure-to-order scenario helps your front-end procurement process to be efficient while integrating seamlessly with your ERP for invoice and payment processing.

VisionTree procurement solution defines, validates and build the catalog content with enterprise-grade content management tools with cross-catalog search functionality among local catalogs, inventoried items, a spot buy marketplace and punchout catalogs.

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Process Improvement

Supplier Collaboration


Supplier Network

Every enterprise would like to implement a highly effective collaborative B2B e-commerce channel for their product and services whereby aspects such as proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments integrated across the network.

SAP Ariba Network is one such comprehensive platform which accelerates the sales cycle while lowering the cost of sales and helps identify new customers who want to buy besides you can respond to RFP/RFI, submit proposals, and negotiate contracts;

It also helps to boost sales through catalogs; Handle purchase orders, send invoices, and receive payments; Know when you’ll get paid and for what besides strengthen customer relationships and increase customer retention.  VisionTree can you to build your network with compliance framework and policies best suited to your enterprise.

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Solution Framework

Transformation Experts

Procure-to-Pay Expert

Visiontree deploys P2P expert to configure SAP Ariba for end-to-end integration of finance and procurement so that organizations can find new ways to create savings and open doors to profit-driving opportunities by addressing key issues such as invoice exceptions or handing payment rejections.

Procure-To-Order Expert

Visiontree deploys P2O expert to configure SAP Ariba for your front-end procurement process with guided buying capability streamlined catalog maintenance, and a configurable interface to quickly scale up and down as per your need to dynamically manage your suppliers, processes, and budgets on a global basis

ERP Integration Expert

VisionTree Integration expert can help to configure exports of requisitions from SAP ERP and imports of POs created in SAP Ariba P2P. In addition, an OK2Pay is delivered from SAP Ariba P2P to trigger the actual payment of an invoice whereby the process documents are both reflected in SAP ERP and SAP Ariba P2P, with leading documents being created directly in SAP ERP, as well.

Ariba API Experts

VisionTree deploys  API expert to integrate SAP Ariba with third-party applications for process, industry, or geography and region-specific information to meet your unique business needs, in addition, to easily access business data for approval, reporting, or analytics purposes using existing tools and apps.

Extension Studio Expert

VisionTree deploys experts to enhance your SAP Ariba solution with drag-and-drop tools, enabling you to quickly create forms, tailor business processes, and adapt your SAP Ariba solution to your business needs with minimum dependency on IT or external services.

Quality Add-on Expert

VisionTree deploys experts to configure the tailor-made solution to accelerate quality inspections, speeding up transfer to unrestricted stock and driving up on-time deliveries to customers by eliminating manual information exchange and standardize quality collaboration with your trading partners.

Transformation Value


Reduction in Direct Spend


Reduction in Indirect Spend


Faster Approvals for New Contracts


Faster Invoices Payment


Increase in Supplier Collaboration


Supplier Onboarding with Compliance

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