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Finance Experience

CFOs work hard to shape corporate strategy, drive long-term growth, and improve business results. New research from Oxford Economics indicates the key traits that separate successful finance leaders from others are improvement in business performance, efficiency, and governance, risk, and compliance across the enterprise. SAP S/4HANA Finance uses in-memory computing Technology to override SAP ERP Financials, SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions (GRC) to drive mission critical processes for better organizational efficiencies.

Process Improvements

Accounting & Financial Close

Aligned | VisionTree Ventures


Single Source of Truth

VisionTree helps your enterprise to run quick, precise, and streamlined closing process besides addressing audit needs across territories towards financial reporting standards as per GAAP for global enterprises.

VisionTree can help to implement continuous accounting and planning which is practically impossible with spreadsheets and emails with close financial checklists, approval workflows, and reconciliation tools.

Some of the key features of SAP S/4 HANA for finance are On-premise deployment, Universal journal for financial and management data, Compliance with reporting standards, On-the-fly aggregation to improve organization-wide consistency and business insights.

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Treasury & Financial Risk Management

Agile | VisionTree Ventures


Real Time Processes

VisionTree can help your enterprise to evaluate risk profile, fluctuating commodity prices, and volatile currency rates with a full audit trail, and limit exposure.

Additionally, we help in correct market assessments, scenario considerations, sensitivity analyses, VaR calculations, performance calculations, and limit monitoring besides driving real-time reporting.

Some of the key features of SAP S/4 HANA for finance are in-depth treasury workflows to automate repetitive tasks, seamless integration with core data processes to improve the visibility of the cash position besides rich real-time analytics to balance risk and return across debt and investments.

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Predictive | VisionTree Ventures


Dynamic Planning and Analysis

VisionTree can enable your enterprise to meet its strategic financial goals and performance improvement initiatives with better planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities.

VisionTree can help you migrate from adjusting spreadsheets for your plan and forecasts, budgets and closing cycles with one single application to integrate these processes and dramatically accelerate and improve financial operations.

Some of the key features of SAP S/4 HANA for finance are cloud deployment for real-time data access, enhanced visualization tools for real-time analysis, ad-hoc simulations across multiple dimensions and customized business and financial models.

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Receivables Management

Proactive Processes | VisionTree Ventures



Reduction in Days sales outstanding (DSO) to improving working capital, lowering operating costs and minimize bad debt and write-offs for effective management of collections besides better service to Business partners are some of the mission-critical challenges addressed by VisionTree to address financial supply chain management for your enterprise.

SAP S/4 HANA for Receivables Management (RM) has excellent system functions to evaluate a Business Partner’s credit situation before a sale initiated. It also allows proactively managing delayed payments. It streamlines the management of disputes in the Business Partner’s sales invoices. In ECC 6.0 environment, it was known as FSCM.

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Solution Framework

Transformation Experts

SAP SFIN Agile Coach

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys SAFe Certified, SAP SFIN Agile Coach to drive finance agility initiatives such as Cost Control & Capital Optimization, Revenue Growth, Regulatory Necessity, Finance Innovation, Finance Process Automation & Acceleration.

Central Finance Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys CFIN consultant to connect distributed system landscape of customer including SAP systems of different releases and non-SAP systems to replicate financial accounting (FI) and management accounting (CO) postings.

Finance Consolidation Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys SAP BPC 11.0 consultant to open up the possibility for more complex planning scenarios with greater forecasting accuracy and granularity by connecting with Big Data sources such as SAP BW /4 HANA more seamlessly.

Product Costing Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys Product costing experts to determine the actual costs incurred by products or services to enable effective management of the product portfolio and Map the quantity flow of products from logistical areas to support accurate inventory valuation.

Treasury Risk Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys Treasury expert to increase cash flow transparency of working capital across the whole group and improve liquidity planning, in addition, to Identify and quantify exposure to foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity price, and counterparty risk.

Profitability Analysis Expert

Warehouse Experience SAP Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys expert to configure from old distributed finance structure to a new single responsive universal granular finance structure that allows users to report their production variances in account-based profitability analysis model at the same level of detail as in costing-based profitability analysis model.

Transformation Value

Treasury Management | VisionTree Ventures


Reduction in cash and treasury management costs

Capital Investments | VisionTree Ventures


Reduction in unsubstantiated capital requirements and in capital investments

Reconciliation | VisionTree Ventures


Faster closing runs without the need for reconciliation

Sales Outstanding | VisionTree Ventures


Reduction in days sales outstanding and up to 50% lower AR write-offs

Reduced Inventory | VisionTree Ventures


Increase in operating margins with simplified real-time business processes and reduced inventory

Audit Cycle | VisionTree Ventures


Decrease in audit cycle time with automated and continuous management of controls.

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