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Contingent Workforce Experience

Increased globalization, a more competitive marketplace and the need to fill specialized roles are just a few reasons that companies increasingly rely on external workers including contractors, temporary workers and service firms managed under Statements of Work (SOW), to create competitive advantage. however it has brought in new financial, legal, compliance and cost considerations related challenges that can turn into time consuming and expensive problems, particularly when it comes to employing a flexible workforce. VisionTree addresses this challenges through SAP Fieldglass service offering as under.

Process Improvements

External Workforce

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Service Spend

Increased globalization and a tightening labor market making enterprises to rely on the external workforce to help drive business growth and success. VisionTree in joint partnership with SAP Fieldglass can streamline and accelerate critical processes associated with such contingent workforce by automates processes and eliminates tedious administrative tasks through the entire management lifecycle, from resource request to offboarding and evaluation.

VisionTree offers a robust and flexible solution can support any flexible workforce management program, including those managed in-house, through one or more trusted Managed Service Provider(s) (MSP), or with a Vendor on Premise (VOP), or any combination therein with enforceable and auditable rules and tracks Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Vendor Management

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Right Time

With a growing economy, the enterprise needs to bring on high-quality, flexible workers rapidly while also improving partnership with suppliers however it has its own financial, legal, compliance and cost-related challenges that can turn into time-consuming and expensive issues to resolve.

VisionTree in joint partnership with SAP Fieldglasses can offer a comprehensive solution that combines benefits of ERP, ATS and VMS under single offering with features such as requisitioning, sourcing and assignment changes, timesheet and invoicing for a contract worker to budgeting, financial approval workflow, spend tracking and accounting information being accessed from single entry point for all of your locations and business units to avoid any inaccurate or disjointed results.

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Service Procurement

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External Workforce

Majority of the service procurement today is service categories driven Statement of Work ( SOW).

To manage service categories besides tracking the performance of individual worker and supplier meet up the service level expectation in line with corporate policies and government regulations; VisionTree in joint partnership with SAP Fieldglass can implement a solution which can simplify your processes and offer cost saving across the onsite or offsite project.

SAP Fieldglass solution tracks and manages every stage of external workforce management: hiring managers requesting talent, selecting a candidate for a position, onboarding, time-and-material tracking, payment processing and offboarding the worker and solution also integrate with series of third-party ERPs

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Workforce Visibility

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Operational Agility

The external workforce is contributing nearly 44%of the overall workforce spends as per the recent study, and their importance is growing to execute strategy for your customers successfully. Controlling the cost is no more principle driver with external workforce; however, workforce visibility for c-level executives becomes significant insight to drive daily operation agility.

VisionTree in joint partnership with SAP Fieldglass can offer worker profile management including workers that are not tied to a job posting or Statement of Work and as a result, a system becomes a single record of reference for all kind of external workforce across multiple service categories for quick utilization across multiple project needs.

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Solution Framework

Transformation Experts

SAP S/4 HANA Integration

SAP Fieldglass Services | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys expert to automate daily workflow for PR/PO integration, purchase requisitions and purchase orders funnel through Master data and business partner integrations. As a result, you can manage the budget, spend commitments and payments in SAP S/4HANA while the associated engagements take place in SAP Fieldglass.

Success Factors Integration

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Visiontree deploys expert to use open API framework on a digital partner network to establish standard, repeatable integration with SAP SuccessFactors such as talent channels, on-boarding, and off-boarding, candidate vetting, payroll and compliance, timekeeping and workforce scheduling.

SAP Ariba Integration

SAP | VisionTree Ventures

Visiontree deploys expert to use standard incoming and outgoing data interfaces are highly configurable and extendable between SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass for work orders and invoices with skills-based or rate card-based selection processes, onboarding, and tracking or monitoring of the individual.

On-Premise Integration

SAP | VisionTree Ventures

Visiontree deploys expert to integrate SAP Fieldglass with on-premise ERPs and Business Intelligence solutions through delimited file structure that contains the minimum required data elements to map core back-office systems, accounts payable applications, time entry or project tracking systems fields into the corresponding SAP Fieldglass fields.

Cloud Integration

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Visiontree deploys expert to integrate Cloud Applications through data structure mapping, SFTPs, SOAP and REST Web services for master and transactional data transfers on SAP Fieldglass Digital partner network for customers to take their external workforce management and services procurement strategies to the next level.

Hybrid Deployment

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Visiontree deploys expert even for hybrid scenario where ERP, HCM, Timesheet and Statement of Work issue process either on-premise or on the cloud to get integrated with SAP Fieldglass through harmonizing master and vendor data to consistently align downstream transactional processes for total workforce visibility.

Transformation Value

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Labor Spend

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Worker Pay Accuracy

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Cost Saving

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Organization Productivity

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Approvals on Predetermined Rates

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Non-compliance Identification

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