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Agile Experience | VisionTree Ventures

Agile Experience

Agile principles have been one of the key drivers of enterprise’s ability to innovate, learn, and adapt rapidly to reinvent the operating model. However, enterprises do struggle to put the culture over the digital transformation.  VisionTree partners with enterprises to scale up the Agile transformation beyond pilots to infuse experimentation and iterations into the DNA of the organization.  VisionTree improves Agile Experience from firming up Vision, Lean Budgets, Portfolio Prioritization & Road mapping to build Large Software Applications through Release on Demand principles.

Process Improvements

Leadership Effectiveness

Eliminate Handoff | VisionTree Ventures



The process of transforming the organization structure and culture to one that fosters true business agility starts with establish high performing teams and shape up the environment to lead organizational change.

VisionTree builds Agile leaders across the enterprise helping leaders be effective in complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing environments. VisionTree uses the concept to cash principle, which uses Value Stream Mapping to identify your value chains that go from idea to implemented in production to eliminate the handoffs.

Whereby, Map out your current state and identify all the various people that are required to create value for your customers. Identify the handoffs and wait for states, and then work to eliminate them to avoid the risk of knowledge scatteredness.

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Organization Adoption

Incremental Process Agility | VisionTree Ventures


Process Agility

Agile methods offer a lot of values, and achieving these values motivate all companies; however, enterprises would like to mainly focus on using agile methods in an organization with the minimum changes in the structure of the organization.

VisionTree uses incremental agile adoption approaches combining both bottom-up and top-down strategies; the important role of identified key practices that enable quick feedback and adaptation in the early adoption stages; and approaches derived from the multidimensional nature of agility. These approaches make it possible to overcome the restrictions of conventional agile methods.

VisionTree also emphasizes on a self-organizing team to increase adoption and agility across the organization.

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Product Innovation

Holistic Environment | VisionTree Ventures



Today Technologies and customer demands seem to change at the speed of Moore’s law and expect Software development drives innovation potentially on every next iteration even into diverse functions such as R&D, marketing, operation, and corporate strategy.

VisionTree uses SAFe framework to develop an effective holistic system engineered to overcome more than a dozen common barriers to successful innovation. We have contributed to the customer with the acceleration of software code by nearly 20% to 50% besides in addition to empowering a small, focused, cross-functional, self-managing team to take the agile journey forward.

Additionally, VisionTree works with its customers to scale several agile teams by lines of business to drive business agility for mission-critical cross-functional process innovation.

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Project Delivery

Integrated Product Development | VisionTree Ventures


Product Development

CIOs are under enormous pressure to deliver more value to the business through digital products and services via software delivery. They also have to demonstrate such value through quick prototypes and iterations. The SAFe framework enables unifying individual Agile development teams who work concurrently on multiple features for one product or portfolio of various products through the Agile Release Train (ART) for structured and successful delivery.

VisionTree implements Value Streams to address urgent, priority, and core features are triaged and progressed by individual teams to deliver an integrated product quickly. As a result, it provides structured visualization of the correct steps and corresponding data needed to understand and intelligently make improvements that optimize the entire process, not just one section at the expense of another.

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Solution Framework

Transformation Experts

Lean Process Agilist

Lean Process Agilist | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys SAFe® certified Lean Agilist to define the Strategic Priorities of the organization across lines of business and correlate that with Strategic Vision and Mission of the company.  They also understand organization current System Landscape and accordingly provide transformation roadmap for nimble and agile enterprise cloud

Process Train Engineer

Process Train Engineer | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys SAFe® certified Release Train Engineer ( RTE) to drive value execution across Lines of Business. They escalate impediments, manages risk, helps assure value delivery, and drives continuous improvement both within LoB as well as Cross Line of Business. They additionally take the lead in standardizing and documenting relevant processes.

Process Change Expert

SAFe Program Consultant | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys SAFe® certified Program Consultant to bring organizational credibility for agile transformation and remove impediments to change. They implement specific process changes within Line of Business on Lean-Agile way that truly teaches, empowers, and engages individuals and teams to reach their highest potential to make fast and intelligent decisions.

Solution Validation Expert

Solution Validation Expert | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys SAFe® certified Product Owner to prioritize process improvement stories across LoBs for solution effectiveness while maintaining the technical integrity of the features. VisionTree also deploys SAFe®  Certified Product Managers to ensure that the solution meets relevant standards and other system quality requirements, and participates in the validation of the proposed feature benefit hypotheses.

Continuous Delivery Expert

Continuous Delivery Expert | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys Certified SAFe® DevOps Practitioner to map value streams through the continuous pipeline from idea to cash and identifies practices that eliminate bottlenecks to optimize the value flow. They continuously work to improve processes for exploring customer needs, developing, building, deploying, and delivering value by helping to align people, processes, and technology throughout the organization.

Technical Agility Expert

Technical Agility Expert | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys Certified SAFe® Agile Software Engineer to understand proven practices to detail, model, design, implement, verify, and validate stories in a SAFe Continuous Delivery Pipeline. He implements XP technical practices, Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) practices for continuous flow of value delivery.

Transformation Value

Productivity | VisionTree Ventures

20% to 50%

Increase in Productivity

Faster Time | VisionTree Ventures

30% to 75%

Faster Time to Market

Engagement | VisionTree Ventures

10% to 50%

Increase in Employee Engagement

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