Process Improvements for the Enterprise

  Process Improvements for the Enterprise
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Each one of us is unique in the world and so is every enterprise. Each enterprise starts with a unique vision. Since inception, it breathes its purpose, sets different strategic priorities and builds a unique organizational structure regarding the target customer’s enablement, customer acquisition, and customer service. As a result, enterprise growth patterns are also unique. Hence, much before we transform or automate, we must visualize patterns as it gives us a clear direction for every kind of process improvement.

The Lines of Business helps us to learn such process patterns. Its significance varies from industry to industry. For example, Oil & Gas gives the highest importance to assets, Financial Services on customer service while Consumer Product companies focuses the highest on its product engineering. As a result, enterprise structure differs so as the process patterns to achieve the next growth and it is vital that we pay attention to process cultivation to build a better understanding of those patterns before we transition them to the cloud.

Process Improvements | VisionTree Ventures

The world’s renown companies, such as SAP and Salesforce, have a great understanding of process patterns. They release quarterly product updates to map patterns into ready-to-use best practices to drive process improvements. Enterprise software can accelerate the digital transformation journey only if each one of them believes they can clearly understand process patterns of the enterprise and map them to the extent it addresses enterprise mission-criticalness of that Line of Business.

Each enterprise must periodically conduct process cultivation workshops with principle leaders before the design thinking exercise begins for the cloud transition journey, as it helps to remove redundant processes and provide a lean path to digitize business.

In a nutshell, successful digital transformation for any enterprise starts with visualizing its process patterns and redefining its priorities, as well as driving cultural transformation for the digital future without reinventing the wheel from scratch.

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