Path To LoB Revolution

   Path To LoB Revolution

Every LoB leader is aiming at process improvement through small process iterations to create a pattern for incremental value for their mission-critical processes. Such process iterations required to gauge the need for a cultural shift, upgrade of the technology, and potential necessary budgets to realize proposed innovations.

VisionTree works with CIOs and other transformation leaders of the enterprise to conduct Process Cultivation Agile Workshops on lean principles to derive Program Increment ( PI). Such workshops help to validate predefined scenarios agreed upon and to make room for enhancements or additional configuration required (i.e., self-service configuration, expert configuration, forms, reports, business roles, and other solution extensions)

In a specific process scenario where we have seen customer would like to retain their legacy systems and expecting integrations to Program Increment, We conduct proofs-of-concept around features and PI Objectives.

VisionTree provides the option to Process leaders and project teams to adopt pre-delivered SAP Best Practices processes, setup integrations, and use in-app extensibility to reduce the duration of Program Increment. If those options are not feasible due to the nature of the gap, the application development scheduled as a feature as part of the PI Planning, all these items are captured by the project team in a backlog and then prioritized. For items that are classified as gaps, the project team performs further analysis to understand if the functionality gap is (1) going to be covered in upcoming release, (2) there is an existing solution extension that can be used, or (3) there is a need to undertake the effort to extend the application and integrate.

Whereby finalized features required hardware (and other components) also to be taken into consideration where difficult to integrate end-to-end continuously, We run full integration at the Program Level, as well as the Large Solution Level and such decision is taken during the IP iteration.

The IP iteration also acts as a placeholder for the final integration and Solution Demo in a more structured and formal manner where we demonstrate the accumulation of all the features developed over the course of the entire PI for a Solution Train for the respective Line of Business.

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