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With growing e-commerce transactions, there is a need to reduce the time for a customer to receive their order.  As a result, every enterprise needs to find ways to take their goods to final destination bin faster. Majority of the consumer-centric product organizations face the following five challenges:

  1. Unstructured Storage: Pickers have a hard time finding items for shipment. It results in the blocking of space for new inventory
  2. Inventory logs not accurate: Do not have a full account of your inventory which leads to ordering too much or too little stock
  3. Warehouse Options: Few or no suitable options close by, resulting in an increase in the costs associated with goods movement
  4. Seasonal Storage: During peak seasons, warehouses handle large volumes of inventory, causing severe space crunches. While the low season brings unavailability of storage bins
  5. Vertical Space underutilization: Instead of using vertical space for storage, many warehouses stack items on the floor resulting in overstock and makes locating and accessing inventory becomes difficult

VisionTree implements SAP Extended Warehouse Management ( SAP EWM) solution to offer process-oriented as well as layout-oriented methods for Multi-level storage control.


The goal of storage control is to display your complex put away or stock removal process steps based on your processes or your layout data.

During putaway or stock removal, an individual process step can be executed on a single level basis or on a multi-level basis.

You can combine the process-oriented storage control with the layout-oriented storage control. Here, VisionTree always executes the process-oriented storage control first. The layout-oriented storage control then checks whether the sequence of putaway process steps is possible in layout view, and if required, adjusts the flow of the putaway or stock removal.

VisionTree approach to Put-away for Process-Oriented Storage control:

  • Unloading at door
  • Counting at the counting station
  • Checking the quality
  • Executing value-added services
  • Putaway in the high rack storage area

VisionTree approach to Put-away for Layout-Oriented Storage control :

  • Unloading at door
  • Counting at the counting station
  • Identification of goods at the ID point
  • Putaway in the high rack storage area

Engage VisionTree today to streamline warehouse operations by improving goods movement and Multi-level storage processes through SAP EWM Services.

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