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With the Industry 4.0 Revolution, Enterprises have to run their best practices such as Order-to-cash, Procure to Pay, Engineer to Order, Return, and Chargebacks on Real-time environment.

As a result, many enterprises are looking at either a Brownfield approach to their existing ERP Investments or Greenfield approach to a fresh instance to simplify their business.

However, simplifying the current legacy technology is challenging; legacy systems and processes, as well as change management issues often, derail digital transformation initiatives.

According to an IDC report, a large percentage of businesses globally have long-term investments in legacy systems, with some contracts going out as far as 2025. Organizations that are apprehensive about moving to a modern cloud-based ERP are:

  • 23% less likely to engage in positive customer experiences
  • 19% less likely to monetize the business’return on data-related assets
  • 8% less likely to engage in product and service innovation for R&D investments, efficiencies in cycles, and innovation returns
  • 34% less focused on creating sustainable digital processes

VisionTree helps Organizations to realize the full potential of their ERP systems by migrating to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is an entirely managed cloud-based ERP solution that makes deployment, configuration, and maintenance, and it is also simpler, faster, and less expensive.

With the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Platform, enterprises are free to customize their business processes and connect a wide array of applications and services to create unique and differentiated value.

VisionTree enables new innovation and business models for enterprises by integrating the end-to-end value chain on Unified data model.

Based on new opportunities for innovation, growth and business models, enterprises can realize:

  • 10-20% increase in their own customer satisfaction
  • 75% lower total cost of ownership
  • 10-40% increase in productivity
  • 10-30% increase in on-time delivery rates
  • 10-15% reduction of total logistics costs
  • 40-50% reduction of time spent on period-end close

VisionTree also builds virtualized infrastructure for you and your customers, reducing their ownership and maintenance cost. As a result, enterprises require a minimum investment in time and resources to handle technical infrastructure and other enterprise platforms. IT resources toward the maintenance and upkeep of the legacy system itself can be used for innovation and moving the business forward. Explore VisionTree SAP S/4 HANA Migration Services.

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