Line of Business Agility

  Line of Business Agility

Every enterprise would like to build internal competency whereby any process or system change and corresponding operational excellence go hand-in-hand by empowering individuals and teams to reach their highest potential. However, in reality, any change always has resistance from process leaders as it disrupts their ongoing routine to get the job done from their process workers. It is better knowns as executive hand-offs.

VisionTree works with Transformation Leaders to build a lean-agile mindset of the process leaders to drive mission-critical activities by reinforcing core values such as alignment, quality, transparency, and execution.


While we execute SAP Greenfield or Brownfield engagement for our customers, We ensure to use the SAP Model company with Organization and Master Data to showcase the process or system change benefits. It helps considerably to reduce the resistance of the Process Leaders.

We also deliver the Role-based Process experience on pre-configured business scenarios whereby process leaders can visualize the benefits of implementation roadmaps both Line of Business specific processes as well as Cross-functional processes will coordinate to drive process agility.

We appoint SAFe certified Program Consultant with SAP Backgrounds to carry out Fitment/ Gap analysis instead of Costly Blueprinting Exercise. Appointment of Such Program Consultant helps to understand how ready-to-use Industry Best Practices can reduce the number of Sprints and Product Backlogs to Accelerate the Minimum Viable Product ( MVP) for the Stakeholders.

We additionally carry out process validation sessions to guide process leaders on standard available functionality in show-and-tell sessions; identify and validate delta requirements and gaps; design solution that minimizes modifications to standard and enables faster innovation.

Once we have seen initial adoption, we use an iterative build of capabilities, prototyping, and frequent validation of the results with business users to ease adoption and release solutions to business faster.

VisionTree also runs the formal risk, and quality management with the structured quality management plan and pre-defined Q-Gates are built into the project from the start to keep process leaders engaged through the engagement and committed to lead-agile mindset.

In summary, SAP Best Practices packages, Guided Configurations, and Optimized Methodologies help Process Leaders to participate in change and help eliminates hand-off with iterative builds. Based on on-premise or cloud edition choices, we can take either Migration, Integration, or Extension approach to deliver process and system innovations.

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