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It is often said that self-driven, self-motivated dreams are more likely to achieve their destiny, and those dreams must have a greater purpose for community to participate in it. Strategic priorities of any enterprise are not any different. They do represent the dream of being ideal lines of business to offer perfect customer delight, with the front and back office having seamless integration. The only difference is strategic priorities being crafted in line with the vision of the enterprise while lines of business leaders having limited tenure in their respective roles. This increases the importance of communication channels across lines of business to integrate silos.

Every line of business attends to their process improvement in a unique way based on visualizing the pattern of the past and by breathing purpose associated with it. They keep potentially 10-20% of their planning perspective towards integration with other lines of business, while 80% remains focused first on how to automate mission-critical processes within their unit.

As a result, communication priorities of every line of business is different for themselves so as integration priorities with other lines of business. Hence, individual silos are getting created periodically.

In order to drive successful digital transformation, these silos need to be broken into their initial stages of formation itself, with process-centric communication channels and process attribute-led integration across lines of business to derive common data sources for better insight.

Every organization must cultivate processes periodically that remove common redundancies and make organization resources free to focus on enterprise priorities instead of spending most of their crucial time on integrating silos, so customer success is realized faster.

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