Oil & Gas

Dramatic, cyclical drop in commodity prices, Shift from volume to value, Severe margin pressures, especially Upstream decreased share price and market capitalization and above all Reduced workforce are some of the key Business Challenges that Oil & Gas Industry facing today. Additionally in their effort to participate into Digital Economy. A fragmented and outdated IT landscape, hinders ways to identify sources of untapped value. Older systems leave operators with a lack of timely access to accurate data and, as a result, it can be difficult to identify problems rapidly and resolve them promptly. Hence VisionTree has following Strategic Priorities for Oil & Gas Industry.

External Workforce Management

Mobilizing multiple services providers to respond to
a shutdown or incident. Managing external workers
doing activity-based or crew-based work. Ensuring
proper training, licensing, and Health/Life & Safety
compliance. VisionTree drives this strategic priority
through SAP Fieldglass Services

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SAP Fieldglass

Solution Benefits


Contingent Workers




Connected Hydrocarbon Logistics

Oil and gas companies demand centrally manage and
have real time visibility into their supply chains to
optimize operations and decrease transportation
and distribution costs. Companies also demand reduce
commodity and supply risk with integrated, flexible,
and scalable supply chain processes; optimize
inventory levels with demand forecasting. VisionTree
SAP Transportation Management Services addresses
this key Strategic Priority.

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SAP Transportation Management

Solution Benefits


Transportation spend
For Companies that
ensure supply, distribution, and
Short-term production plans
are consistent


Supply chain planning
cost For companies that
have visibility into customer
demand and sales*

SAP Performance Benchmarking

Unified Planning & Consolidation

Oil& Gas CFO’s Office faces multiple priorities that include the
oversight of financial transactions, management of enterprise
performance, attestation of financial reporting, timely close
and consolidation of financial data. There is a competing
demand for faster closing cycles, improved financial
governance and increased transparency and reliability of data.
VisionTree addresses this strategic Priority through SAP EPM Services.

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SAP Business Planning & Consolidation

Solution Benefits


operating margin with historical and forward-looking views into financial and operational performance.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

Mobile Asset Management

Asset-intensive enterprises such as Oil& Gas are typically distributed across geographies and often located in remote areas and exposed to the elements; whether at an oil-rig, in a warehouse, or atop a high-voltage line in a rural area. Mobile enabled solutions can help companies move from primarily a reactive state, or solving problems as they appear, to a more proactive one where they can anticipate and address issues before problems arise. VisionTree addresses such strategic priority through SAP EAM Services

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SAP Enterprise Asset Management

Solution Benefits


Maintenance Backlog

-5% to -10%

Inventory Carrying Cost

Marathon Oil