Engineering & Construction

Expertise and knowledge enablement, construction site support, project collaboration enablement, commissioning and operations acceleration are mission-critical requirements of the engineering and construction industries today. At the same time, many firms will experience a dramatic shift in their workforce as skilled craftsmen reach retirement age. The new workers, though more familiar with technology, do not have the hands-on experience in skilled trades, resulting in a significant decrease in experience on many job sites. VisionTree addresses such strategic priorities as follows:

Shortage of Skilled Labor

Baby boomers are moving out, and millennials are taking over. This present labor diversification is a challenge because of stark differences in work ethic, attitude, outlook, and behavior. The combination of increasing project complexity and decreasing experience is a risk multiplier. That is, risk to project deliveries, risk to quality, and risk to employee safety. These risks must be mitigated. VisionTree offers effective solutions to this challenge through SAP SuccessFactors services.

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SAP SuccessFactors

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Less employee turnover with company-wide visibility
of workforce available and gaps

SAP Performance Benchmarking

New Lease Standards

Effective January 2019, ASC 842 (US GAAP) and IFRS 16 standards will require that all leases, both operating and finance, are moved onto the balance sheet unless the lease term is less than 12 months. And, this challenge Is exacerbated for companies with large equipment leasing portfolios because equipment leasing programs are typically decentralized, making it more difficult to track down the data needed to comply with the new standards. VisionTree addresses this change through SAP RE-FX Services.

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SAP Real Estate Management

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Earnings before tax, depreciation and amortization

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Model Financial Scenario

The keys to protecting profitability in the EC&O sector are improving estimating, planning, and forecasting accuracy, and planning for necessary personnel, materials, expenses, and third-party resources in addition to unifying financials management throughout product life cycles and developing detailed baseline costs and revenue plans. VisionTree drives these “what-if” scenarios through SAP S/4HANA for Finance Services.

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SAP S/4 HANA Finance

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Improved accuracy of cost analysis by product

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Convert Data into Insight

The industry is dealing with massive amounts of information and the underlying complexity. Real estate managers and portfolio managers anticipate extracting meaningful data from underlying systems, so they can get a picture of what you actually need to manage buildings. VisionTree offers SAP UX services to convert their pre-construction, project delivery and asset data into insights.

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SAP UX Design

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Project delivery

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