Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry provided the infrastructure to transport over 3.7 billion passengers, deliver over 1,800 new commercial aircraft, and launch 85 orbital space missions in last 12 months. Leading A&D companies are fully embracing digital technologies as a strategic priority. They have started to evaluate the impact these trends have on their business, which will ultimately transform them into “live” enterprises. In working with leading A&D companies across the globe, we see the following as key strategic priorities:

Responsive Supply Network

Aerospace demands supply chain silos to be broken,
new realities of volatile markets, individualization of products,
same day delivery, manufacturing automation, and increased
regulations by introducing innovative business processes.
The defense industry also demands end-to-end visibility
of your supply chain, decision support, and fast corrective action.
VisionTree delivers it through SAP IBP Services

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SAP Integrated Business Planning

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Inventory Reduction


Grow Skill Base

As per the recent demographics, more than 50% of the aerospace & defense workforce is scheduled to retire in the next 5 years including controllers, inspectors and system specialists. The FAA has highlighted to the Senate panel that the coming wave of retirements in an aging workforce could hurt both the aerospace & aviation sectors and create safety issues unless the government helps more young people qualify for those jobs. VisionTree addresses this strategic priority of the Industry through SAP SuccessFactors services.

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SAP SuccessFactors

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Staff Engagement

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Predictive Maintenance

One of the biggest challenges of the A&D industry today is
holistic management of asset health and decision
support for maintenance schedules and the optimization
of resources based on health scores, anomaly detection,
and spectral analysis. Today, companies are looking
for ways to identify and prioritize machine failure patterns
for product improvement based on business and configuration
data, besides predicting unscheduled maintenance events
based on historical data. VisionTree drives this strategic
prioritythrough SAP EAM services.

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SAP Enterprise Asset Management

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Increase in return on
assets where assets
management systems
are fully integrated.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

Spend Visibility

Today, spend data is obscured in disparate purchasing and payable systems, which results in difficult to build, effective sourcing strategies and identifying savings opportunities in the A&D Industry. Also, when opportunities are identified, sourcing organizations often lack expertise in less-strategic categories to prioritize and source effectively. These realities all add up to massive challenges for suppliers to deliver as promised, when promised. VisionTree drives this strategic priority through SAP Ariba services.

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SAP Ariba

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Automation of purchase order line items.

Clariant Customer Data