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Any Enterprise system mostly deals with a lot of heterogeneous systems, each one catering to a specific requirement of the overall ecosystem. Individual systems for Finance, Asset Management or CRMs are well optimized to streamline the individual processes. However, in today’s world, one of the demands of digital business is to be able to build a flexible, innovative cloud-based solution so that, the system can capitalize on new connections between devices, applications, and systems.

However, legacy applications have challenges like scalability, reliability, and agility. And most probably the root cause of such challenge is high cohesiveness and high coupling of its components. Micro-services with Event-Driven Architecture to a great extend solves these challenges and allows building applications capable of dynamic and ever-changing capabilities because of the loosely coupled architectures where the micro-services are designed to notify each other of changes using events.

VisionTree’s Experts implement the SAP Cloud Platform with SAP Enterprise Messaging to support de-coupled integrations across applications, and people, enabling sense-and-respond patterns with enterprise messaging and serverless function. SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging does support Event-Driven programming model. It has the capability to:

  • Propagate/Distribute Events across distributed landscapes across cloud and on-premise
  • Out-of-box event enablement framework for S/4HANA and other SAP standard business objects
  • Open standards and protocols-based communication
  • Support for SAP Cloud Platform events

With the deployment being in a serverless environment, organizations can manage and scale the resources required to run applications.


VisionTree provides Experts for Cloud platform integration for SAP-To-SAP, SAP-to-Salesforce, Any ERP -to -Any SCM – to – Any CRM integrations. For instance, let’s consider a scenario for SAP S/4HANA to SuccessFactors. Any change in the employee records needs to trigger a change in the respective cost center or GL Codes in S/4HANA, through a protocol-based communication. SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging has a feature of out-of-box event enablement from S/4HANA or SFSF business objects.

In a complex environment with data coming from heterogeneous systems, event-driven integration becomes a key component in order to cope up with diverse technology and business data of diverse formats. VisionTree leverages the SAP Cloud platform to creating an environment for you to build your native cloud applications and tailor-made to your business need.

If you are looking to integrate your business processes on cloud and drive protocol-driven business process, our experts can help you. Be sure to speak to our experts for a quick consultation.

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