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The enterprise asset management landscape is witnessing a dramatic transformation now, majorly driven by the advancement in technology. However, the asset infrastructure of most enterprises remains more or less complex with traditional EAM solutions. Since it is spread across discrete geographical locations, departments, and databases, it is hardly possible to get a complete view of the assets, which is one of the major challenges for EHS practitioners.

A recent report from IDC points out, ‘As the number of data sources available to the asset manager continues to grow (sensors, spatial data, visual data, etc.) managing, merging and analyzing these pools of data at speed will be a tremendous test for EAM professionals over the next five years.’

This lack of visibility is a major reason behind delayed workflows, higher operational costs, decreased life cycle of physical assets, and even workplace injuries. As per the report from the National Safety Council, the total cost of workplace injuries to U.S. employers was $161.5 billion in 2017, which shows there is an increasing need to ensure a safe working environment. Moreover, in today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential for enterprises to streamline asset management processes and thereby drive operational excellence. And technological tools can become a key enabler to achieve various objectives related to asset management.

VisionTree implements SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Environment Health and Safety, for organizations to manage their asset-related costs, risk, and performance holistically. With SAP S/4HANA as the digital core, organizations can aim for native integration of incidence management and health & safety management which significantly reduces the complexity of the EHS landscape. It addresses one of the key priorities of the EAM team – to get a complete view of process risks related to workers, assets, or the environment which often leads to huge expenses in environment, health and safety compliance.


Another major challenge of EHS team is the inability to effectively analyze the data and predict risks in occupational safety, which further makes them incapable of developing proactive safety measures. SAP S/4HANA uses embedded analytics based on live data which enables organizations to act in real-time, which reduces costs for workplace injuries.  With SAP EAM solution, organizations can set the foundation for operational excellence and expect to:

  • Reduce EHS cost significantly
  • Decrease in occupational accidents and injuries rate
  • Reduce compliance penalties and fine
  • Ensure safe operation by predicting operational problems
  • Optimize ROI on assets with right maintenance strategies
  • Comply with regulations and internal policies for environment protection

VisionTree Ventures works with organizations to implement SAP EAM solutions successfully to improve their operational excellence while reducing EHS risks. We have collaborated with clients in various asset-intensive sectors like CPG, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, etc. to reduce their occupational risks. Our team of domain experts helps you harness the power of SAP S/4HANA and implement agile solutions to streamline your safety and compliance processes.
If your organization is looking forward to boosting EHS standards, allow our experts to assist you in finding a feasible solution.
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