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   360 Customer Engagement
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Gone are the days when product features or service efficiency boosted success in business. The rapidly changing business environment has given customers a dictating power and distinctive Customer Experience (CX) has become the key differentiator for brands, thanks to the digital revolution. The consumer’s decision to buy a product or service is impacted by their overall enjoyment of their experience. To capitalize on this transformation, the best-in-class companies have chosen CX as the focal point of their corporate strategy.

In the current scenario, 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of CX. While excellence in product quality is still significant, developing a culture of connection and ensuring seamless customer experience are the keys to business growth. That explains why enterprises are optimistically implementing digital transformation initiatives in which improved customer experience is a highly desired outcome.

With CX becoming the new battleground for businesses, the significance of switching to automation and deploying next-gen technological tools in business escalates further. There are diverse sources of customer data (MDM, CRM, analytics systems, ERP) along with a proliferating number of customer touchpoints which makes adopting customer 360 initiatives inevitable. It has become crucial for organizations to ensure seamless engagement of digital customers through better experience by integrating their Sales, Marketing and Services LOB’s and making it available on any device, anytime and anywhere.

The company’s ability to harness the power of this vast amount of data largely depends on the efficiency and flexibility of the chosen technological tools. VisionTree deploys the Mulesoft Anypoint Integration platform for real-time data exchange between business processes and provides a seamless experience to customers on any device.

The platform uses API-led connectivity to accelerate the pace of innovation and adopt proactive steps for business transformation. To transform customer experience expectations and achieve various other business objectives, API’s are becoming increasingly valuable. The platform’s three-layered APl-led approach enables organizations to smoothly address one of their major pain points – the proliferation of various systems which makes it difficult to maintain an accurate customer 360 view.


Furthermore, organizations have reported a 50% reduction in development effort with through API-led integration platform, which in turn, reduces time-to-market. MuleSoft provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) capability for flow and transformations implementation which saves time and resources by reducing coding effort.

The key benefits of adopting API-led integration includes:

  • Maintains the accuracy of customer-data on a real-time basis
  • Completeness and connectivity across all systems with detailed analytics and insights in a single management console
  • Easy-to-use and user-centric features to quickly and efficiently design APIs
  • Enhanced security with tokenization, data encryption, and edge protection
  • A single management pane to control security policies
  • Built-in marketplace for reusable assets
  • Offers easily containerized hybrid platform allowing easy migration to the cloud

VisionTree Ventures collaborates with organizations to facilitate their customer experience transformation through the integration of native or third-party system using Mulesoft Anypoint Platform Integration service. We have a fantastic team of experts to build agile solutions that elevate customer engagement and help businesses thrive in the cut-throat competitive environment. By taking advantage of our reusable integration templates, API designs, and connectors, it becomes an easy target for organizations to improve CX and gain a competitive edge.

If you are contemplating strategies on transforming customer experience expectations, our domain experts will help you reach a feasible and efficient solution. Reach out to us for a free consultation!

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