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In the current business scenario, the competition for financial services firms comes from similar institutions as well as from a new array of digital financial services providers such as Paypal, Payoneer, Alipay, Amazon Cash, etc. Consequently, it has become imperative for financial firms to bring in a transformation in terms of customer experience to thrive in the competitive market. The real value of the firm relies on not only the significance of its product/service but also on the manner in which it is delivered to the customers.

By ensuring a seamless customer experience (CX), firms can aim for high retention rates and increased referrals. Going forward, ‘customer intelligence’ will be the most important predictor for business growth and profitability, as put forward in a recent PwC report. Fortunately, it turns out to be an achievable target for financial firms by taking advantage of advanced digital solutions and automation.

Now the key priorities for wealth managers are to deliver personalized engagement throughout the customer journey, provide proactive advice as and when the customer needs it, build a one-to-one relationship with the customer and help them set and achieve financial goals depending on their personal interests. We have partnered with Salesforce in order to address these priorities.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is equipped with industry-specific features for financial firms. It puts the customer at the center and its dynamic features are specifically designed to enable wealth managers to make smart decisions and collaborative solutions quickly. It enables advisors to enhance their productivity by offering a unified and holistic view of the client’s portfolio that extends beyond CRM. Subsequently, they can enrich the quality of client interactions and ensure proactive participation in wealth management.

As it leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses can get access to persona-based analytics and client insights which further help service providers to engage with prospective customers effectively. This futuristic digital solution for wealth managers is accessible through various mobile devices and facilitates real-time engagement with clients and collaboration across advisory teams through Salesforce Private Client Community.


No matter the size of the customer base, financial firms can harness the power of Salesforce FSC to facilitate CX such as:

  • Ensure meaningful and personalized engagement to customers
  • Nurture deeper relationship through proactive tracking of the client’s life events
  • Establish an emotional level of connection and enhance customer loyalty
  • Provide seamless customer experience and real-time engagement across multiple platforms
  • Keep track of the referrals and onboard new clients

VisionTree Ventures is at the forefront in assisting financial services firms to adopt efficient CX strategies and grow their business. Our team of domain experts helps insurance companies, banking institutions, fin-tech service providers and other financial institutions leverage the power of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and add value to their business. We work with firms to deploy Salesforce FSC expert to implement industry-specific objects, validation rules, workflows, apex class, apex triggers and visual force pages for omnichannel integration across social, web and email in a single Salesforce instance.

To learn more about Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and leverage its power in your customer engagement strategy, reach out to the expert team at VisionTree Ventures.

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