Multi-Modal Container Shipping

   Multi-Modal Container Shipping
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The ocean freight industry has not seen a smooth container shipping process between shipper and consignee even though 90% of the world’s goods are transported by the sea today.

On the other side, the number of Ocean carriers is continuously reducing due to the expectation of lower freight rates and overcapacity. For the last many years it has resulted in financial struggle and losses for carriers.

Carriers desperately need to maintain discipline when it comes to capacity. As they face significant cost increase and the possibility of trade war decreasing demand.

Some customers use different models to determine and negotiate allocations and capacity with their freight forwarders in advance.  Accordingly, they schedule their processing and planning against those pre-booked, reserved allotments to drive loading, container provisioning in a push approach.

In an alternate approach, some users consolidate containers for one destination only to outsource the end to end service to a freight forwarder.

Connect Transportation

VisionTree implements SAP Multi-Modal container shipping solution to streamline the container shipping as part of SAP Transportation Management Service offering.

The solution provides consistent information through customer quotations, documentation, settlement, and execution. It integrates commercial and operational processes on a single, centralized platform for ocean freight management. It allows exceptions for workload reduction and segregation of duties.

Some of the key features include:

  • Respond to customer inquiries efficiently by automatically formatting quotations. Provide informed responses based on tariffs and existing agreements
  • Calculate surcharges and duration-based charges such as detention, demurrage, storage, or container monitoring
  • Conduct prohibition and restriction checks with automatic approval requests integrated into workflows
  • Use door-to-door routing functionality based on business rules that rank proposed routes

Improve your Transportation efficiency by integrating the container shipping process. Visiontree helps by streamlining Lead-to-Agreement process, Order-to-cash process, and Transportation Networks.

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