Transportation Foresight

  • Capacity Planning

With growing digital transactions in recent years, the volatility across the supply chain cycle increased tremendously. It makes capacity planning difficult for the organization to forecast transportation demand, track orders, and shipments simultaneously. Ensuring optimal stocking of products in stores and real-time tracking is imperative to maximize sales and reduce delays and losses.

Four major types of challenges that drive data intelligence across the transportation network and addresses its challenges:

Capacity Planning Scenarios

  • Capacity. Enterprises do face major challenge concerning capacity availability both along a transportation route and the terminal. Such insights can help to optimize stock.
  • Transfer. Transfer nodes are crucial as they permit the interface between different transport systems, a role commonly served by hubs or gateways. For example, a port is usually the interface between maritime and inland systems of circulation while an airport can act as a hub connecting different air networks such as regional and international. Excellent understanding of transfer routes can help the acceleration of shipments at a reduced cost.
  • Reliability. While a route could be shorter, it may not be as reliable as a longer route. Such a multi-dimensional expectation problem related to movement with reference specific time and cost range often result in congestion-related challenges. Hence route optimization helps to reduce shipping delays.
  • Integration. Every transportation channel comes to its integration challenges in a cross-border transaction. Hence it is imperative to reduce transportation complexity dramatically by integrating fleet and logistics management throughout your network.

To address the above transportation challenges, VisionTree implements SAP Transportation Management solution. The solution centralizes Rate and Data, offers rule-based routing proposals, automated freight calculation, and streamlines the end-to-end process for goods movement.

SAP Transportation Management consolidates domestic & international shipments in addition to those that use single or multi-modal transportation to do better capacity planning.

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