Transformation Translates Into Customer Success

How Do Digital Business Transformations Improve Customers’ Experiences?

Digital transformations are associated with many internal benefits for organizations. For example, employees can work more efficiently, data can be collected more easily, and operations can help the company achieve organizational goals. But digital transformations have many external benefits, too – especially when it comes to customers. By investing in the right digital business transformation strategy, companies can drastically improve customers’ experience.

Angela Yochem, global CIO for BDP, an international and privately owned organization that specializes in logistics and transportation services, outlined some of the strategies the company has used to facilitate a digital transformation.

“BDP, like a lot of other large companies, has always been a fast follower, adopting technologies only after they were well proven in the industry,” she told Forbes. “Today, we are an early adopter of new technologies.”

Yochem went on to explain that this innovative mindset has helped BDP operate faster and more flexibly, recruit new talent, engage with the broader community, and become an industry leader. In the end, BDP’s digital transformation has translated into increased success for its customers.

Another example is the American Red Cross, the country’s leading emergency relief and preparedness organization. Since unveiling its North Texas Digital Operations Center and utilizing Salesforce, the Red Cross says it has been better able to manage relationships with volunteers and donors. The organization uses social media and cloud computing to stay in touch with volunteers and coordinate disaster relief efforts.

These digital transformation stories from two vastly different organizations prove that even diverse industries can realize common goals: Better operations and better customer experience.


  • Connectivity. How will customers know about your offerings if they can’t find you online? And how can they connect with you if you don’t have a solid social enterprise? Undertaking a business transformation to enhance your online presence is one of the best ways to find and retain customers.
  • Automation. In our on-the-go society, people expect instantaneous communication. Automating processes is a strategy for business process improvement that can help you in many regards, from staying in touch with customers via email alerts to delivering ecommerce products quickly and seamlessly. If you like the idea of increased productivity, a digital transformation consultant can examine your current processes and recommend the right solutions for seamless integration.
  • Service. Customers are online 24/7. Utilizing tools like Live Agent, a live chat software that connects customers with service agents, leads to improved customer service and increases repeat business.
  • Experience. Is your website mobile friendly? Are your apps easy to find, download, and use? It’s important that a digital business strategy places a heavy emphasis on user experience. Anything you can do to enhance this will lead to better outcomes for your business.

Attracting and retaining customers is crucial to the success of any business in any industry. Completing a digital business transformation is one of the best ways to increase sales revenue and ensure that your organization is optimized for customer success.

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