Transformation Dilemmas for Decision Makers

When Facing Digital Business Transformations, What Dilemmas Do Business Leaders Face?

When deciding to optimize your operations for the digital age, questions are sure to arise. Here are four common dilemmas decision makers face when it comes to starting a digital business transformation:

#1: Where and how do I begin?

When it comes to exercising, showing up at the gym is usually the hardest part. It’s similar to digital business transformations. Simply getting started often feels like the most difficult hurdle to overcome. That’s why partnering with a company that specializes in digital business transformation services and consulting is a smart move.

A digital business transformation partner has experience in guiding enterprises of all sizes and industries. They can offer expert advice on how to navigate the process from start to finish. Let your transformation partner advise you on the implementation details so you can focus on your organization’s big-picture objectives.

#2: Which team members should I involve?

Is it best to let your entire organization know that you’ll be undertaking a digital transformation? Or should you start with a small team of internal stakeholders?

First thing’s first – ensure your top decision makers are on board with your digital transformation plans. That includes your board of directors and c-suite members. Without your top-level executives’ support, completing a digital transformation will be an extremely difficult undertaking.

Next, ensure you have companywide alignment with your business goals. It’s necessary that your employees understand why processes and systems might be changing. A solid strategy for enabling communication throughout the transformation is to create a steering committee composed of representatives from various lines of business. Employees can share any questions or concerns with committee members, who can then send those considerations up the chain of command when it’s appropriate.

#3: Which technologies are right for my enterprise?

Both Salesforce and SAP HANA offer powerful solutions, but which platform is right for your enterprise? Again, this is where your digital business transformation partner becomes a valuable resource.

Companies who specialize in business transformations are well familiar with the constantly evolving landscape of digital technology. Once they understand your organization’s strengths and challenges, a digital business transformation consultant will be able to make expert recommendations on which technologies can be seamlessly integrated into your operations for more efficient workflows.

#4: How much should I invest?

Time, money, and resources – it takes all three to properly implement a digital business transformation. So how much of each should you invest?

Unfortunately, there is no solid answer. Many factors depend on the size of your organization, how much inefficiency you are facing, and what your business objectives are. The fact is that undertaking a digital business transformation is a serious task for any enterprise and will require a smart, well-planned use of your resources

At the end of the day, there are no cookie cutter solutions. With the right partner and team members in place, you’ll be able to determine which digital transformation strategies will work best for your organization.

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