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Predict Customer Actions

Innovative brands are leading the way in defining the next generation of customer experience through personalization, delivering more accurate, relevant, and personalized touchpoints across all interactions. These companies are incorporating fundamentals like optimizing customer interactions over mobile devices, building brand loyalty by giving each customer a voice, and creating unique customer experience as part of a customized journey to increase engagement and drive sales. Businesses are taking personalization one step further to deliver personalized communications to customers based on real-time behavior, interests, preferences, and customer data. With a myriad of channels feeding customer data into the systems, it's now easy to ...Read more  

Mission-Critical Cloud

With the Industry 4.0 Revolution, Enterprises have to run their best practices such as Order-to-cash, Procure to Pay, Engineer to Order, Return, and Chargebacks on Real-time environment. As a result, many enterprises are looking at either a Brownfield approach to their existing ERP Investments or Greenfield approach to a fresh instance to simplify their business. However, simplifying the current legacy technology is challenging; legacy systems and processes, as well as change management issues often, derail digital transformation initiatives. According to an IDC report, a large percentage of businesses globally have long-term investments in legacy systems, with some contracts going out ...Read more  

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Platform Agility

Over the last three decades, SAP has served enterprises of all sizes with its commitment to integrate all mission-critical processes through its variety of software application releases. Enterprises also have benefited from SAP as a backbone to offer business value to their customers. With Industry 4.0 accelerated initiatives across all industries, there is a need for an integrated digital platform that offers agility, real-time analytics, and maximize efficiency across the entire suite of applications. Hence SAP has introduced S/4 HANA for Intelligent enterprise suite which speeds up the data-intensive process, reduces complexity, and accelerate the value delivered from IT. It ...Read more  

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Cargo Consolidation

Warehouse faces increasingly dynamic environments as remote global events in the supply chain become more relevant to local businesses. Key warehouse challenges such as redundant processes, poor facility layout, seasonality in demand, high labor costs, and inaccurate inventory information require robust systems that keep managers informed about changes and gaps that need attention. The desirable approach when dealing with the challenges that arise due to new economic developments is to use inexpensive solutions that offer sustainable best practices. Warehouse managers should monitor and track changes in the business environment and adopt responsive solutions. VisionTree implements Transit Warehousing functionality through SAP ...Read more  

Multi-Level Storage

With growing e-commerce transactions, there is a need to reduce the time for a customer to receive their order.  As a result, every enterprise needs to find ways to take their goods to final destination bin faster. Majority of the consumer-centric product organizations face the following five challenges: Unstructured Storage: Pickers have a hard time finding items for shipment. It results in the blocking of space for new inventory Inventory logs not accurate: Do not have a full account of your inventory which leads to ordering too much or too little stock Warehouse Options: Few or no suitable options close ...Read more  

Multi-Modal Container Shipping

The ocean freight industry has not seen a smooth container shipping process between shipper and consignee even though 90% of the world’s goods are transported by the sea today. On the other side, the number of Ocean carriers is continuously reducing due to the expectation of lower freight rates and overcapacity. For the last many years it has resulted in financial struggle and losses for carriers. Carriers desperately need to maintain discipline when it comes to capacity. As they face significant cost increase and the possibility of trade war decreasing demand. Some customers use different models to determine and negotiate ...Read more  

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