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Predictive Algorithms

In today's competitive world, every enterprise wants to make most out of its assets for lower maintenance costs, to have a more unobstructed view of asset health and also achieve higher efficiency. As a result, enterprises switch to a cost-effective predictive maintenance algorithm instead of using reactive maintenance or preventive maintenance algorithm to enhance asset performance and reduce asset failures resulting in improved business outcomes. Visiontree implements SAP Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) software that enables a closed-loop maintenance and service process by optimizing asset maintenance with anomaly detection, spectral analysis, and machine learning algorithms to refine asset performance with decreased downtime, ...Read more  

Event-Driven Integration

Every Line of Business is expecting personalized digital experience with minimal disruptions to its business systems across multiple devices and deployment options with mobile, web, and conversational user interfaces to access relevant business content on a real-time basis. In reality,  current system landscape doesn’t deliver real-time insights with SAP ECC as the backbone,  SAP or Non-SAP as middleware; besides SAP or Non- SAP as the Presentation layer which is not talking to each other due to the legacy environment or on-premise versus hybrid or cloud environment. With the open business platform, Every LoB can innovate, integrate and extend applications with ...Read more  

Financial Reporting Landscape

In most organizations, the close process runs on functional memory as opposed to clear and specific protocols. Most of the inputs required for the close financial process arrives only towards the end of the period, which makes it difficult to critically analyze the data. The continuously evolving financial reporting landscape and regulatory compliances demand increasing accuracy of financial reporting while reducing turnaround time. Accounting and reporting heads are actively trying to create a balance between an overworked staff, meeting regulatory requirements and deliver accurate, useful, and timely data. VisionTree helps your enterprise to run quick, precise, and streamlined closing process ...Read more  

Demand & Supply Balance

The supply planning algorithms in the time series model when coupled with the forecasting solution could deliver an end to end S&OP solution for efficient tactical planning in the mid to long term horizon however it has less relevance when it comes to the short-term horizon where order-based planning and optimization is essential. VisionTree implements SAP Integrated Business Planning for response and supply whereby we configure rule-based demand prioritization to suit the business requirements and give the business users ability to remain nimble and flexible in terms of priorities in which demands are fulfilled across the supply chain network. In the ...Read more  

Planning Uncertainty

Traditionally Sales & Operational Planning process starts with a demand review followed by a supply review and pre-S&OP review and ends with an executive review.  However economic uncertainties and escalating customer expectations have enforced enterprise to look at multi-stages of inventory optimization with reduced working capital to deliver better customer service. Such Inventory optimization can happen at the raw material level, work-in-progress level, finished goods level or even supplier managed inventories; hence the majority of the organizations have added Inventory review as an important step in the S&OP process. VisionTree implements SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) for Inventory Optimization ...Read more  

API-Led Connectivity

A modern enterprise runs its business processes on various platforms like Order management systems (OMS), ERP for core processes, and CRM for customer data. Every system plays a critical role in collectively achieving the desired business results. Usually, there are tactical integrations between these systems that allow data transfer at periodic intervals as feasible either on on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. Every system change has different frequency to introduce new processes for improving business capabilities; hence, it is difficult for  IT managers to retain stability and continuity of the core system while such transition initiated. Additionally, the number of internal and external connecting ...Read more  

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