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Event-Driven Integration

Any Enterprise system mostly deals with a lot of heterogeneous systems, each one catering to a specific requirement of the overall ecosystem. Individual systems for Finance, Asset Management or CRMs are well optimized to streamline the individual processes. However, in today’s world, one of the demands of digital business is to be able to build a flexible, innovative cloud-based solution so that, the system can capitalize on new connections between devices, applications, and systems. However, legacy applications have challenges like scalability, reliability, and agility. And most probably the root cause of such challenge is high cohesiveness and high coupling of ...Read more  

Group Reporting

Data Quality, Speed, and Transparency are the new normals for CFO in the dynamic economic situations when it comes to fiscal consolidation and group reporting for the enterprise. To achieve such objectives, CFOs must have access to standard APIs across heterogeneous systems. These APIs simulate various financial scenarios both in terms of accounting and group reporting, to realize underline Process benefits. Traditionally, Financial users have to connect data from SAP and Non-SAP Systems. Either through spreadsheets or consolidation tools that involve a lot of work and result in aggregated consolidated data. While in SAP S/4 HANA, users get real-time access to local ...Read more  

Real-Time Margin Analysis

In a highly competitive business scenario, organizations leave no stone unturned that provides valuable insights to improve their profit margins and stay ahead of the curve. With volatility being constant in the global economy and increasing complexities in doing business, profit margin analysis has become an integral job responsibility of the finance team. Best-in-class organizations recognize it as a decision-making tool that helps to maximize their profit potential. Furthermore, the margin pressure is higher than ever now largely due to market instabilities and ever-increasing competition. Businesses require finance solutions that enable them to respond proactively to changing market scenarios and ...Read more  

Accruals Management

In the current business environment where change is constant and technology advances at an incredible speed, accrual accounting offers significant advantages over traditional methods. Since accrual accounting is done in real-time in compliance with GAAP, it enables organizations to take better cost management and budgeting initiatives, improve accuracy in financial statements, and give business owners a better financial picture of the company. Apart from being adequate to handle the rising complexities of business activities, it largely helps to foresee the financial trends and optimize financial management function which can benefit the organization in a big way. In simple terms, accruals ...Read more  

Predictive Accounting

The growing, dynamic business environment with the pace of transformation has increased the importance of the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) function and its insights for real-time decision making across people, process, and technology through Process Integration. To make run proactive FP&A function,  Enterprises must have real-time data sources available on business transaction activities. SAP S/4 HANA delivers such promise across both cloud-based ERP as well as Integrating Traditional On-Premise ERP i.e., SAP or Non-SAP through HANA Cloud Integration. VisionTree can implement the latest 1809 SAP S/4 HANA Release for Predictive Accounting by deploying Transformation Expert to enhance overall Financial ...Read more  

Customer Centricity

In the current business scenario, the competition for financial services firms comes from similar institutions as well as from a new array of digital financial services providers such as Paypal, Payoneer, Alipay, Amazon Cash, etc. Consequently, it has become imperative for financial firms to bring in a transformation in terms of customer experience to thrive in the competitive market. The real value of the firm relies on not only the significance of its product/service but also on the manner in which it is delivered to the customers. By ensuring a seamless customer experience (CX), firms can aim for high retention ...Read more  

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