Predictive Algorithms

   Predictive Algorithms
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In today’s competitive world, every enterprise wants to make most out of its assets for lower maintenance costs, to have a more unobstructed view of asset health and also achieve higher efficiency. As a result, enterprises switch to a cost-effective predictive maintenance algorithm instead of using reactive maintenance or preventive maintenance algorithm to enhance asset performance and reduce asset failures resulting in improved business outcomes.

Visiontree implements SAP Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) software that enables a closed-loop maintenance and service process by optimizing asset maintenance with anomaly detection, spectral analysis, and machine learning algorithms to refine asset performance with decreased downtime, lower maintenance cost, and reducing material runs.

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In the predictive data algorithm, first, it finds out about the organization’s work processes and usage of the asset and then it prepares a plan for the enterprise, allowing Asset Managers to take necessary actions preventing significant asset failures. The primary audience of this solution is service providers, engineers, and technicians; they help create a schedule to make it easy for the enterprise to adapt to the changes plus implement best practices to get the most out of your assets.

In Summary, Key capabilities of the VisionTree SAP Enterprise Asset Management Transformation Services are: 

  • Complex asset structures: Support for complex asset structures with classes, models, equipment, locations, and spare parts
  • Indicator and alert-based condition monitoring: Flexible setup of indicators and thresholds, and rules yielding alerts with manual and automated follow up actions
  • Machine learning engine: SAP provided set of supervised and unsupervised data science algorithms, and framework to create, learn, and score models
  • Back-end integration: Integration to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA master data replication and maintenance and service execution processes
  • Extensibility: Capability to extend and adapt attributes, rules, and data science algorithms to customer-specific needs.

Key Process Benefits for Implementation of SAP EAM solutions are: 

  • Fast, accurate analysis and reports for decision-making
  • Helps predict asset failure
  • Elevated visibility in asset performance and risk management
  • Decreases downtime
  • Improves asset utilization
  • Smarter assets

Now enterprises can transform their asset management with SAP EAM services along with managing the lifecycle of the asset and acquiring accurate, real-time information.  Asset management with SAP EAM software will empower the workforce leading to smooth asset utilization and a successful enterprise.

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