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User Experience

In order to engage entire ecosystem whether customer, employee, partner or supplier, user experience at every stage of systems and process engagement is core for better adoption, better integration and desired outcomes. VisionTree uses Design Thinking Workshops to create personalized user experience to meet the need and expectations. maintenance, and modernization projects are the key priorities today across all industries. VisionTree UX services maps the wide range of the Business Processes and workflows into single and simplified SAP User interface to drive data driven insights.

Process Improvements

User Interface

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Business Process

Majority of the SAP ECC Customers would like to improve the end user experience by simplifying transactions are too complicated for occasional users or would l like to reduce the complexity of a specific SAP GUI transaction without changing the backend besides aiming at achieving short-term ROI without disruption and tremendous testing efforts.

Design and prototype process oriented screen layouts and SAP Screen Persona tools implemented by VisionTree enables end users to build their unique solutions to solve novel problems. We even help the end user to set up their UI center of excellence whereby we partner with organization-specific process experts, train them with design skills, as a result, their ability and passion can help to scale the process innovation and to change the mindset within the organization.

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New Business Model

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Innovation Culture

Every enterprise is struggled to leverage the potential of their people better to become more innovative and agile to increase Increased end-user efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

VisionTree conducts Design thinking workshops led by a professional design coach using creative methods. The team works on given business challenges and discover potential opportunities involving all stakeholders and target users in the guided iterative process and use the interdisciplinary setup to generate new, unexpected ideas and solutions.

We even help the end user to set up their UI center of excellence whereby we partner with organization-specific process experts, train them with design skills; as a result, their ability and passion can help to scale the process innovation and to change the mindset within the organization.

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Problem Solving Approach

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By Line of Business

In the digital era, the human-centric approach is considered a problem-solving approach. The process starts with a targeted end the user for whom you are designing, and it ends with a solution that addresses the mission-critical need of that line of business.

VisionTree implements SAP Fiori apps for role-based user experience. VisionTree’s entire focus with its UX services is focused on disaggregating traditional transactional based software applications into role-based tasks and associated user task activities across all lines of business to provide a means of embracing organizational standardization, re-engineered business simplicity and delivering functionality to empower your end users in their daily ERP operations.

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User Productivity

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User Experience

Every enterprise is looking at better ways to get things done. VisionTree can help you to re-imagine and simplify your business processes and co-create the new experience through its UX Services to improve end-user productivity.

VisionTree works with principal process owners to identify, innovation and process efficiency opportunities based on end-user observation/interviews, following to that, we design innovative customer solution, using Design Thinking methodology and submit a realizable design proposal (including architecture & technology) with Proof-of-concept within “Sprint 0” engagement possible in order to implement newly-designed application for productive usage.

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Solution Framework

Transformation Experts

Design Thinker

User Experience SAP UI5 Transformation Experts | VisionTree Ventures

VisionTree deploys Design Thinkers to run iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine customer problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding, in addition to, genuine constraints and facets of the particular problem.

UX Design Expert

VisionTree deploys SAP Fiori experts to outline Role-based simplification of business processes and Shift from monolithic solutions to activity-based apps. The expert helps to build Transactional apps for frequently used mission-critical processes across Lines of Business, in addition to, Analytical apps which are interactive, drill-down based approach for immediate insight.

User Interface Expert

VisionTree deploys SAP Persona expert to personalize SAP GUI for line of business by identifying relevant processes, simplifying them, analyze data requirement and accordingly build screens and automate process by assigning preconfigured roles to user to optimize usability and productivity. Key differentiator that entire exercise is performed without any programming or doesn’t disrupt an organization’s existing IT landscape.

Transformation Value

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Workforce Productivity

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Data Quality

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Training and Support Cost

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